Which Universities one should look at ??

  1. State Universities with high ranking and low tuition fees with scholarship opportunity.
  2. Central Location in the cities with good climate and good Indian population. Check that lots of Indian food and other resources available around.
  3. Commutation between India and USA / Canada Do not look at very remote locations requiring lots of multi-city flights / bus/cab travel.
  4. Is the nearest City, a hub with innumerable job and internship opportunities
  5. Availability of Part Time Campus job opportunities
  6. Climate around the yearIt is very fanciful thinking about snow clad mountains and roads. But Indians are not used to such weather. The city life is greatly disturbed during very low temperature winters. These places are good for an outing but think of lonely living in a very short daylight ambience. Climatic depression is a common ailment.
  7. Tuition fees + Living expenses + flights + local touring – Net cost

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