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Study Under graduation in India

Career Counselling in Sciences

Science is a versatile field much beyond an engineering or medical degree. Our counsellors help you to know which course is best and available in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and life sciences including some combo courses like medical physics, bio chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy and paramedical courses.

Career Counselling in Commerce

Gone are the days when a commerce stream student was thought of as a lesser intellectuals. Infact commerce stream turns out to be a long race horese, succeeding in life with handsome pay packages and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Our counsellors are well aware of possibilities of a great career after 12th – professional courses and a semi-professional course

Career Counselling in Humanities

Humanities are now tagged to most of thinking tanks. Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, Historians and many more successful career options are available for young students. Join us to have a career counselling session.

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